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Saxophone player born in Jerusalem Israel, an Musical composer and Arranger and saxophone virtuoso.

Benny invites you to listen to his album "Astrology". The tracks in The album express his experience growing up in Jerusalem.

The track "eyes of a bird" was written after a successful eye surgery, recovering from a disability Benny dealt with growing up.

"Far away from where" is the title of a novel written by Benny's father Rabbi Yehiel John Grenimann. The piece is the soundtrack for the book.

In addition to original music, Benny has a resume rich in experience with collaborations with top musicians in around the world.​

In this website you can get access to Benny's original music, view transcriptions of some of the great saxophone solos of all time, and contact Benny for information regarding performances, collaboration availability and saxophone lessons.

Benny Grenimann - Music for events, live Jazz in tel aviv
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6 Bethleham st
Ramat gan


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